Video Games

spinny falconMod created for GT Legends (above)
Based on real race car (below)


Do you need a 3d asset for your video game or app? 

I have experience in 3d game asset creation for modern games.  I have experience with the popular Unity game engine and various other game engines. 

Need a concept?  I have created many game/sci-fi/mech designs from scratch.  I'll come up with a design that is original, interesting and detailed for your game ideas.

I have created 3d models, mods, assets, and concepts for games such as:

  • Kerbal Space Program (Squad)
  • IL-2 Sturmovik series (1C)
  • GT Legends (simBin)
  • Race On (SimBin)
  • StarFleet Command (Taldren)
  • Star Trek Online (Perpetual Entertainmen)

Space 1999 KSP Mod

Kerbal Space Program Space 1999 Eagle 3d model/mod

See the creation of my Space 1999 Eagle mod/3d model for Squad's Kerbal Space Program  HERE




Challenger ModBig









Challenger "Ram" mod for Sim Bin's Race On



Space Shuttle Ericsson concept for the game Star Trek Online 




Comp shot of the Ericsson in a real life setting


See the creation of this Shuttle from start to finish HERE 




USS Aries concept for Star Trek Online




Interior bridge of the USS Aries


Animated flyaround sequence of the USS ARIES (YouTube)




Transporter pad for the USS Aries




USS John F. Kennedy Shuttle Carrier concept



Close up of shuttle docking bays


gfl master

Animated logo for gaming website (GFL)