3D Printing

Need to turn your concept into a real physical object fast?

printed turbine

                                 3d Printing of working/moving parts is now possible 

3d printing is the latest ground breaking technology to turn your concepts into a real life physical object.





 Why would you need a 3d printed object?

  • Prototype testing
  • Demo objects for investors, advertising or trade shows
  • Short run products
  • Specialized or to the customer spec products
  • Master mold for mass production
  • Customized swag or promotional products
  • Custom jewelry
  • Mechanical parts
  • Miniatures and figurines
  • Toys and games
  • Custom accesories for products (ie. custom iPhone case)



                                                                                                                                                                                                      3d printing in metals such as Stainless Steel and Silver




                                                  You can 3d print life-like, full color objects


What kind of materials can you 3d print in?



Brittle nylon plastic that's filled with aluminum dust. Also available polished & smooth


Strong & Flexible Plastic
Great starter material - easy design
rules, feels a bit rough, but available in a polished finish


Detail Plastic
Acrylic based polymer that can print
fine details.  Smooth and slightly


Frosted Detail plastic
UV cured acrylic plastic that prints
fine details and walls.  Smooth and


Stainless Steel
Great for jewelry and durable pieces
The shiny surface is slightly pitted &


Sterling Silver
(92.5% silver) Perfect for jewelry.
Available in a glossy, polished finish


Elasto Plastic
Ultra flexible off-white plastic with a
rough texture


Full Color Sandstone
Gypsum printable with color textures
on the model clay surface.  Feels like matte


Food-safe glazed ceramics. Available in glossy and satin finishes, and a variety of colors


Architectural Visualization



blueprinticonDo you have architectural plans or sketches you need turned into a lifelike 3d rendering?

I can make you or your company accurate 3d representations of your plans.
Skills I bring to your visualization:

  • 10 years working knowledge of real life housing materials and terminology
  • Accurate scale & detail
  • Fully realistic backgrounds and settings
  • Ability to compose 3d rendering into a real photograph
  • Animations or interior flythroughs of the home or structure
  • Competitive prices and fast turnaround time





One of my 3d home renderings for client HILINE HOMES

Click HERE to see Architectural Renderings Gallery


             REAL SIGN                                 3d ANIMATED VERSION      

Do you need a image or animation for you business, website, commercial or print ad that is either too costly or expensive to create by conventional means?  

I can take your product, logo or advertisement to the next level with a 3d visualization. I can create simple renderings, all the way to visually rich 3d environments to help sell your products.

productrender small

Here is a sample of things I can visualize for you:

  • Logos (still or animated)
  • Commercials (TV or web based)
  • Product demonstrations
  • Prototype products
  • 3d "cutaway" type drawings or renders
  • Product labeling or packaging
  • Composite your product into real life photo
  • Special video effects

gfl master

 Animated logo for large gaming website


Below is example of a 3d animated web commercial I created for a client's online retail racing tire business:


Video Games

spinny falconMod created for GT Legends (above)
Based on real race car (below)


Do you need a 3d asset for your video game or app? 

I have experience in 3d game asset creation for modern games.  I have experience with the popular Unity game engine and various other game engines. 

Need a concept?  I have created many game/sci-fi/mech designs from scratch.  I'll come up with a design that is original, interesting and detailed for your game ideas.

I have created 3d models, mods, assets, and concepts for games such as:

  • Kerbal Space Program (Squad)
  • IL-2 Sturmovik series (1C)
  • GT Legends (simBin)
  • Race On (SimBin)
  • StarFleet Command (Taldren)
  • Star Trek Online (Perpetual Entertainmen)

Space 1999 KSP Mod

Kerbal Space Program Space 1999 Eagle 3d model/mod

See the creation of my Space 1999 Eagle mod/3d model for Squad's Kerbal Space Program  HERE




Challenger ModBig









Challenger "Ram" mod for Sim Bin's Race On



Space Shuttle Ericsson concept for the game Star Trek Online 




Comp shot of the Ericsson in a real life setting


See the creation of this Shuttle from start to finish HERE 




USS Aries concept for Star Trek Online




Interior bridge of the USS Aries


Animated flyaround sequence of the USS ARIES (YouTube)




Transporter pad for the USS Aries




USS John F. Kennedy Shuttle Carrier concept



Close up of shuttle docking bays


gfl master

Animated logo for gaming website (GFL)



aries5 full

Sketch to full 3d model

Do you have a product idea or mechanical device you need imaged?

I can take your concept or prototype and render it photorealistically in a lifelike setting.

 Why would you need a 3d prototype?

  • Save time and money trying out many different designs
  • Find design, structural or manufacturing errors before being manufactured
  • Create many variations or accessories to a product
  • Have a template for packaging purposes
  • Create images/3d prints for advertising or investor interest
  • Create images and models for trade shows
  • Short run products

 I am familiar with most mechanical and engineering systems so you can easily relay your prototype specs to me without any technical translation issues.



Prototype landing skid assembly


closeup                                                                   New Model of Scooter





Sketch to prototype