Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Tilt-Shift photo showing extreme depth of field of the bridge.
P-51 WWII Fighter
P-51 WWII Fighter HDR shot from the Tacoma Airport airshow
Oregon Farm
Oregon Farm Taken at Woodburn Oregon
Train tracks
Train tracks HDR shot at the train tracks
Houses on the water
Houses on the water The houses of Day Island
Lil Helo
Lil Helo Tilt shift shot of a helicopter at a airshow
Empire of the sun
Empire of the sun Sunset over Day Island, WA
Nature finds a way
Nature finds a way A very unique bush at a streetcorner
Majestic Very majestic dog guarding over the kids sledding in the snow
Beach house
Beach house Taken at sunset near Titlow Beach
Old dock
Old dock Overlook from Titlow Beach to the Narrows Bridge
Distinguished man
Distinguished man Someone enjoying his wine on the deck of a beach restaurant
Pretty woman pretty car
Pretty woman pretty car My wife Cheryl leaning against my Thunderbird
Bonding A Mother-daughter moment at the ocean
Magic A little photoshop fun with a pic of myself
Cool kid
Cool kid My son Alex in front of the Narrows Bridge
Luncheon Wife at a restaurant at Pike Place Market in Seattle
Sunrays Sunlight thru the clouds over the Puget Sound
Joe the Viking
Joe the Viking Viking actor at a Ren Fair
Ducks watching the sunset
Ducks watching the sunset Ducks on my neighbors lawn
Fast 'Bird
Fast 'Bird Photoshop job of my Thunderbird
Mad man
Mad man I Mad Men-ified myself in Photoshop
Skyline Overlooking the golf course and bay
'ol shoppe
'ol shoppe Old storefront near the Day Island Marina
Fishing boat
Fishing boat At Day Island Marina
F-16s on Deck
F-16s on Deck F-16s on display in front of Mt Ranier at McChord AFB
Beachscape Cannon Beach, Oregon
Lonely tug
Lonely tug Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Big jump
Big jump My kids jumping in the sand dunes
Old birdhouse
Old birdhouse Taken from my deck