EO Logo
EO Logo Logo created for laser etching company
TinaRyanLogoLarge Logo created for Real Estate sales group
Logo For ThermaPod
Logo For ThermaPod After I created a 3d model of their product, I created a logo to go with it.
Arfler Dog Logo (final)
Arfler Dog Logo (final)
Dog Logo B&W
Dog Logo B&W 2nd iteration of Arfler dog logo
Line Art Dog logo
Line Art Dog logo First iteration of Arfler.com dog logo in lineart style
VB logo
VB logo My final logo to be used on this site.
3d Logo
3d Logo Testing ideas for my 3d logo
Logo Prototype
Logo Prototype Testing different design ideas for a 3d logo
Red Spar Logo
Red Spar Logo My logo I created for Red Spar Technologies
Render your products in 3d
Render your products in 3d Anything you can imagine for your company can be created.
Woodburn Dragstrip Logo
Woodburn Dragstrip Logo Logo I created for Woodburn Dragstrip. Used for signage and advertising.
Woodburn Logo on sign
Woodburn Logo on sign Logo I created on racetrack signage
Business card and logo for company VirtuAllin
Business card and logo for company VirtuAllin 3d logo and card design for VirtuAllin
NWR4Racing.com Still frame from animated commercial I created for the racing tire wholesale company NWR4Racing.com
Virtual Vanguard
Virtual Vanguard Logo I created for the web company Virtual Vanguard
My Twitter Pic
My Twitter Pic Branding myself for Twitter
GFL Logo
GFL Logo 3d Animated logo I created for the gaming website GFL
GFL Logo
GFL Logo Early logo I created for the GFL
Rocket Motors Sign
Rocket Motors Sign Animated 3d sign of their actual dealership sign.
Logo Logo created for real estate search website
Logo concept
Logo concept Simple logo concept for search company
Promo image
Promo image Promo graphic for racing event organization NMCA
Logo concept
Logo concept Logo concept for American Brewing Company
Logo concept
Logo concept Concept for the American Brewing Company
Splash Page
Splash Page Splash page for my old RedSpar.com website
Website image
Website image Main page I created in Adobe Flash for a large gaming website.
Animated Logo
Animated Logo 3d Animated Logo for the Golden Triad - a large gaming community
Ad concept for Woodburn Dragstrip
Ad concept for Woodburn Dragstrip Cartoon 3d ad concept
Business Card
Business Card Business card I created for my company Red Spar technologies back in 2005