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I specialize in 3d modeling, design animation and architectural visualization. I have been in the graphics design business since 1999.

I will transform any idea or blueprint you have into a lifelike 3d image or animation. Realism and accuracy are the staples of my design process. With high secondary knowledge of Photoshop and traditional photography I can integrate your designs into photo-realistic backgrounds.

My services available to you or your company:

Architectural Visualization:

planfinalI can take your housing/building blueprints and/or sketches and turn them into a realistic 3d rendering in a life-like setting.

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planfinalNeed top notch 3d composite shots that would be too expensive to shoot by traditional means? I can create high end visuals for you.

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Video Games:

planfinalHigh quality, low poly game models with detailed textures. Designed to your specs.

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planfinalDo you have a new part, device, or invention you need visualized in 3d form?

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3D Printing:

planfinalConvert a 3d design into a real physical object with different materials of your choice.

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Vance Bergstrom
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